Hi. I'm Luke.

I'm a filmmaker and writer. I'm also kinda good at ultimate frisbee.


Study Breakage

I wrote, directed, and edited a short film about three college students having conversations that span a variety of topics, from sleep schedules to frisbee, from dating to the Boer War-when they really should be studying.

40 Years of Steve Pinkston

I produced and edited a documentary about the first ever Black teacher to work at my high school, and the legacy of spirit and service he inspired during his tenure.

LUX Film Production Club

In addition to Study Breakage, I've also worked on various other projects for the LUX Film Production Club at the University of Washington, such as I Am the Hero and You Only Live Once.

Other Works
  • LUX Production Bible Episodes 1 & 2 (DP)
  • Celebrating Our Cultural Diversity: The Feast of Santo Niño (Editor)
  • Jack Krouse, SJ Talks About A Bellarmine Education (Editor)
  • Writing
    Media Commentary & Criticism
  • Review: 'The French Dispatch' Is a Love Letter to Writers Who Cover the Extraordinary
  • How Umurangi Generation Avoids the Tourist Trap (Featured on Critical Distance)
  • Review: 'Uncle Frank' is a Feel Good Story That Fails to Make Broader Commentary
  • Fiction
  • The Terra Firma Girl (sci-fi short story)
  • Study Breakage (rom-com/slice of life screenplay)
  • About

    Luke Wilhelm is a fourth-year English major at the University of Washington. Born in Michigan and raised in the California Bay Area, he has a passion for studying and telling stories in both a visual and written mediums. Luke writes reviews and covers film festivals for the University of Washington Film Club and writes, directs, edits, and colors short films. His favorite genres are noir and science fiction, and his favorite hobbies are playing ttrpgs and making coffee.


    aluketothepast [at] icloud [dot] com for professional inquiries.

    Thank you to Avinash of Easy Tutorials for the guide I (loosely) followed to make this website, Austen Holland on Stack Overflow for the rainbow effect code, and Brian Liu for that sick photo of me.